Why Parliamentary Procedure?

Do you attend meetings that seem to take forever and accomplish very little?   Would you like them to be better?  If so, parliamentary procedure is for you. If you are the one in charge, knowing the rules can help gain control over a meeting and get your organization through necessary business quickly and efficiently.

What is parliamentary procedure?

Most of us know that a meeting – no matter the size – needs rules. And what is the paramount rule?   That everyone is treated fairly. Without rules, not much gets done in a timely manner.   With rules, you can have an efficient meeting.   Improper use of rules – or no rules at all – can lead to out-of-control meetings, damaged relationships and loss of members.

The parliamentary procedure most people are familiar with is Robert’s Rules of Order. If you are the Chair of a board, you likely use these rules in a fairly relaxed manner. If you are the Chair of a Convention or other large meeting (50 or more people), you need to follow the rules closely to eliminate confusion and to get through the business of your organization.

A Parliamentarian advises a Chair how to treat everyone fairly, how to handle motions, how to navigate a complicated or contentious issue, how to manage nominations and elections and how best to amend Bylaws.

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