How to…

Make a motion.

I move that the Club spend $500 on new furniture for the clubhouse.

I move that we plan the summer event for July 15.

Write the minutes.

Write down what gets done in a meeting, not what everyone says. If it requires a motion, that needs to be in the minutes. You write: “It was moved and seconded to spend $500 on new furniture for the clubhouse. Motion adopted. ” (or, a majority voted no, in which case: Motion lost.) That is really all you need. Writing down what everyone said makes it hard to write the minutes and torture to read them.

Recommended/preferred wording from Robert’s Rules is that a motion is either adopted  or it is lost.  RONR (12th ed., 4:43(2) [RONR (11th ed.) page 48, line 24]   “Adopted” is more precise wording than “passed” because something happens as a result of a motion;  the organization will take action.

Preside at a meeting.

What should you say? Use this as a guide:
It is 7:00 p.m.    Please be seated.

This meeting will come to order. 

The Secretary will call the roll [or make note of who is present and absent].

Welcome to the board [or regular member or annual] meeting of XYZ.    

            Introduce guests/new board members/new members 

A draft of the Minutes of our last meeting was sent out in advance of this meeting; are there any corrections to the Minutes?

Hearing none, the Minutes stand approved as distributed.

The next order of business is the Finance Report.     [The Treasurer gives a report: how much has been spent and collected; what are the fund balances.]

A copy of the Report shall be filed with the Secretary.

The next order of business is the Report of Officers:


Reports of other officers

Committee Reports [each committee chair gives a report; a motion may be made during the report if the committee has something it wants approved or spent or done]           






Under Unfinished Business, there is a motion to spend $350 to purchase a new laptop computer.  Is there further discussion?  

[discussion and amendments happen at this time]

[now repeat the motion so everyone knows what they are voting on:]

It is moved and seconded to spend $350 to purchase a new laptop computer.

Those in favor say Aye. Those opposed say No.   The Ayes have it, the motion is adopted, and we will spend $350 to purchase a new laptop computer.

Is there any new Business?    The chair understands there is a motion relating to a donation to the summer downtown festival.    [Motion]

It is moved and seconded to donate $100 to the summer downtown festival.  Is there any discussion?………

      [Take the vote….and announce results …..]

Are there any items to be discussed under Good of the Order/Open Forum?     Are there any announcements?    

 Next board meeting is  ____________. 

Our annual meeting is set for _______________ . 

Are there further announcements?  Is there any further business? 

If there are no objections, this meeting will adjourn.   Hearing none, this meeting is adjourned.  

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